Friday, May 20, 2011

Get Your "Standing Strong" Car Magnet

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NEA Fund

Dear Patricia,
In the critical battles raging all across America, you have spoken up and stood strong for public education.

We're facing an all-out assault from relentless adversaries who care more about serving powerful special interests than they do about securing our children's future. As we fight for our students, our schools and our future, it's great to know you are standing with us. Now, here's a way to let people know just how strongly you feel.
Donate $10 or more to the NEA Fund and we'll send your "I'm Standing Strong for Public Education" car magnet.
In recent weeks tens of thousands of parents, teachers, education support professionals and allies from across America have signed NEA's Education Votes petitions. Together, we'll fight for our future, stand strong, and we will win. Thanks again for all that you're doing.

Karen M. White,
Political Director, NEA

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