Monday, May 02, 2011


I wrote the following email to today. I don't think I even came anywhere close to how upset I was yesterday by the treatment that I received at Party City.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a very disappointing store visit to the Party City in Macon Ga, located at Eisenhower Crossing, 4666 Presidential Pkwy, Macon, GA31206. I visited the store at approximatively 1:30 in the afternoon. I was there to purchase the wristbands that you have to remove with scissors. I located the aisle where the bands are located, and found plastic cards, easily over 30 of these cards on the rack that stated take this card to the customer service for your merchandise. I took one of these cards up to the cashier, where I was told that I had to go to the balloon counter. At the balloon counter, I stood patiently in line waiting for the THREE members of staff to stop talking amongst themselves and help the customers in front of me. After waiting about 5 minutes after the customers in front of me were helped I was finally asked what I needed. When I got help, I asked how much the wristbands were in the 100 pack, as the rack did not have a price tag. The girl (I believe's name was Kristi) said oh maybe about $30. So I asked if I could have a pack of the wristbands. Then she laughed and said oh we keep those in the office, if we even have any, and turned to a young man and laughed and said she wants these, if we have any. I said what do you mean if you have any you have more than 20 of those cards over there, why would you have the cards if you are out of stock.They both proceeded to laugh at me like I was dumb for even thinking that since the tags were out the wristband should be in stock. Finally the man (white guy early twenties, earrings, short brown hair) after cleaning somethings and getting materials for other people that had asked after I did went back to the office to look. After a few minutes, felt like 10, but was probably 3, he called on the radio and said that they did not have the 100 count wristbands, ha ha we told her so. When I got told this I again expressed my disappointment that the store had the plastic cards on the rack but were out of stock the employees proceeded to look at me and tell me that expecting them to pull the cards off the rack when they were out of stock. When I walked away I heard one of them say, thats outrageous to expect us to pull the tags off the shelf if they are out of stock. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service at this location. I had over $50 of other merchandise in my cart and was not done looking at the graduation decorations, nor at costumes, and would have easily ended up with over $100 by the time I left the store. However due to the rude employees who literally laughed in my face, I walked out of the store, leaving my cart full of merchandise in the aisle and went elsewhere for my needs. I will not be back to the Macon PartyCity, and I will be placing this letter on my blog, as well as have already told all of the teachers that I work with the garbage called customer service at this store.
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