Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bragging a little, plus more pictures from Arizona

Friday morning after hiking White Tanks with Mom, I drove to Glendale to meet her and her friends for lunch. Since I had to drive right by University of Phoenix Stadium, I had to stop and visit the Pat Tillman memorial. Since I started running and participating in races because of the Pat's Run, I always run for Pat. The wear blue: run to remember group runs for the fallen, families and fighting, and I run for Pat. Needless to say, I had my shirt with me to get some pictures in. :-) 

Then I went and had lunch with mom and her Red Hatter group. I've known Ms. Nancy and Ms. Janice since pretty much we moved to Arizona 32 years ago. It was fun to see both of them and to meet more of Mom's friends. 
Today was weigh in day for my challenge group for Max 30. Can I just say I was VERY proud this morning? I mean I went to Arizona for 4 days, I didn't do my Max 30 workouts while I was there, I ate pretty ok but ate restaurant food. AND I still lost weight! I have now lost a total of 12 pounds since starting Max 30, and multiple inches. It felt great to put on this sweater this morning and I could see the difference. If you want to know more about my workout routine just shoot me a message or leave me a comment. 

Put the finishing touches on my running outfit for the WDW Enchanted 10K this weekend. I need Minnie ears or something to finish it off, but I think this will work. 

After I put up my Valentine's Day door last month the kids asked what I was going to do for St. Patrick's Day. I told them I didn't know and challenged them to come up with some ideas. One of my girls came up with this one! I love it. The big pieces of gold and the white pieces of paper have word problems on them. 

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