Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You might be addicted to half marathons if....

Yes, this is happening! 

Which means:

This is happening! 

I am so stinking excited!

Since I had already paid for three races, I contacted Rock-n-Roll about upgrading to the tour pass that covers any of the races I want to do, including remixes. So now I am signed up for Raleigh, Nashville, Virginia Beach 1 mile and half, Savannah half and 5K. I am looking into doing Chicago, because we talked about flying Jerry in and out of there, so if I could get his flight out over the same weekend as the race.... Yup I might be addicted.

Decent workout day today. I walked to and from my friend Lisa's house and work, plus went for another 2+ miles after supper.

Week 6 Day 2 Max Out Power is  in the books! Not quite as long as I wanted to go, but I didn't start until after 10. 

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