Monday, February 02, 2015

Motivation Monday, Weekly Fitbit Progress Report, Max 30 Month 2 Week 1 Day 1, I Run Like A Girl

Motivation Monday: If your goals don't scare you, they aren't big enough. Enough Said!

 Every Monday if you have a Fitbit they email you a weekly progress report so you can see how you did the week before. Overall I went up in every category, except floors climbed. My mileage is down from 2 weeks ago, but up from the week before. Overall a pretty good week.

Today's walk/jog featured Summit Parkway, AKA Hill Repeats on Crack of Columbia, SC. 6 miles from one end to the other of nothing but hills! My Fitbit says that it was 44 floors, and my Garmin says it was a 306 feet elevation gain. This picture does not do the hills justice!  I know I need to go and do this route at least once a week over the next 2 months leading up to Rock-n-Roll Raleigh in April, though so...
But the sunset at the end was worth it!
Today's walk/jog puts me at 215 miles for the year, and 12 miles for the month. :-) Only 1800 more to go!

Yesterday during the Super Bowl there was an ad about the insult of telling someone the do something "like a girl" so in that avenue, yes I run like a girl!

Tonight was the start of month TWO of my Max 30 adventure! Oh my goodness what a workout! I had said I was going to do another week of month one, but tonight after dinner I was feeling like going for it, so go for it I did. I maxed out at 9:53. Everyone has warned me that if I thought month one was intense just wait for month two, well they were right! Tomorrow is my measurement and weigh in with my coach and our challenge group. I am looking forward to seeing what progress I have made over the last 15 days since our last weigh in. I feel like I have made big changes, so I am hoping they show up tomorrow on the scale and in the measuring tape!  

Today was a big day for Beachbody the new 21 Day Fix Extreme premiered.  From what I can tell Beachbody broke the internet with this release! :-) I am looking forward to ordering the new program in a few weeks just to see what it is about. New workouts keep me from getting bored and giving up!  If you have not tried any of the Beachbody workouts the original 21 Day Fix is a great starter program, all you need is two different sets of hand weights, a yoga mat, tv, and dvd player. You can visit my page and learn more about it, or to order. 
Remember this quote as you go about this week. Everything you have ever accomplished in life, started with the decision to try. Don't give up on your goals, keep pushing forward and you can see a difference in your life!

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