Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cheering on the Princesses!

My friend from Lakenheath Eileen ran the Princess Half on Sunday, so I signed up for her runner alerts and went down to the end of the Shades of Green driveway to cheer for her. That was a great experience and I am glad that I did it.

This is the only picture I took of the runners as they went by. The male Princess is in a running group I am in on Facebook. :-) 

I can't believe that Eileen found me on the side of the road cheering. Admittedly she knew where I would be, but there were quite a few of us out there. :-) 

The most amazing part though is that Liz saw me! Liz and I are in a Beachbody challenge group on Facebook with our coaches. She saw me, called out my name then she and her sister stopped for a picture. :-) We had never met in person until that moment. Pretty awesome! 

 I have to say that I was worried about people running in the grass. A lot of people were in the grass right before and after the balloon ladies because the road was narrow where I was standing. The problem was that right there the grass had HUGE holes in it, so I was waving my arms and telling them to watch for the holes a LOT. One of the balloon ladies suggested I steal a cone to put in them, which I did. 
I stayed out there until the last runner was being put on the sweeper bus by the medics, and then I cleaned up my little area of space. I promise only one of those cups was mine!

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