Thursday, February 05, 2015

One of those days....

My favorite guy at the Riverbanks Zoo, Mike. Mike and his "brothers" will be leaving us after this weekend for the Houston Zoo in Texas. All you Texans better treat our boys right!
Today was just one of those days... You know, where everything seems to start off pretty good, and then goes downhill for no apparent reason? Yeah, one of those days. 

Started off really good. I got up early, was out the door early, was able to get my walk in without stressing out about being late to work, and got some stuff done before having to be on duty. I even got the best compliment! My co-workers commented on my weight loss. The compliment was when they called me the incredible shrinking woman... BEST EVER! 

Then a couple of things happened, that upset me. I mean really upset me. I am one of those people, I get mad, I cry, and I was in tears in my office, and later in my car and on my walk. Then while I was out walking off the mad, I realized I can't change what the people who hurt me did. I can't change how they treat me. I can't change if they respect, or treat me as an equal, to them or my co-workers. 

All I can change is my reaction to how they treat me. 

The only person getting upset by their actions is me! 

They don't honestly have a clue that they made me feel disrespected, because they DON'T CARE, so why should I? I already do my best to not let them see that they upset me, because part of me thinks that they do it to push my buttons. But from here on out, I am going with that old adage, kill them with kindness. I don't have to go above and beyond, and I might have to respect them because of the position they hold, but I am going to kill them with kindness. 

Tonight's workout: Month Two Week One Max Out Power! Honestly this was hard! I am not sure if it was hard because I had just walked 5 miles, walking off the mad. Or if it was hard because it is just HARD. Probably a bit of all of it!

But then I remembered this quote: 

And this one from Shaun T's podcast that I listened to on my walk (It's the January 20th podcast if you want to listen to it!): 

When you get tired? That's when you know you are getting results and doing something! 
I hope everyone had a better day than I did, or at least that you got as nice as a compliment as I did.
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