Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Work It Wednesday

There are days when I struggle with the way the world is, I get frustrated, mad, etc over what is going on. I need to remember that if I want to see the world change I have to do my part. 
I saw this on a bracelet yesterday, and I should have bought it for myself. Since I didn't I am going to change my desktop background both here at home and at work to this picture. The picture is from our trip to Myrtle Beach almost 2 years ago for Declan's birthday.

Today's Work It Wednesday comes to you courtesy of Shaun T  and BeachBody Max30.
Let me tell you, month two is no joke! Shaun T challenged everyone to tag him with #ShaunTkickedmyass and I can truly say he did!

Do you want to see what Max 30 is about? Go here for a video!

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