Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My bags are packed, I'm Ready to GO!!!!

See! Really they are! Tomorrow at this time I will be on a flight from Chicago to Phoenix!! I can hardly wait to see everyone and hug their necks (gosh that came out southern)!
For anyone in Phoenix my schedule is pretty jam packed full, but I am doing dinner with whomever can make it Friday night at Old Pueblo on Litchfield Road in Goodyear/Litchfield at 7.
Saturday is jam packed full with all things Sammy.
 Sunday morning is full, but mid-afternoon/evening is so far open.
 Let me know if you want to try and get together, or just come out Friday night!
Or if you are up for a sunrise hike let me know that too! 
Today was Max Out Sweat, and oh boy did it live up to it's name! 2 minutes 20 seconds longer than last week though! Every day, every week is an improvement! Have I mentioned lately that I love me some Shaun T? I really want to meet him one day. If you haven't listened to his podcasts you need to.
On top of that I got in 6 miles intentional walking today.  

Snack tonight courtesy of Shakeology. Chocolate and banana, I needed it after Max 30 and a long day, plus trying to get my papers done for my class so that I don't have to worry about them while I am gone this weekend. 

In other news, today was a pretty big day in this guys school career. Today I picked him up from school early, came home, grabbed his trophy and we walked up to the middle school. He had his magnet program interview for ZooBots, the zoology/botany magnet program at our local school. This was the makeup for Saturday when he was sick. Anyone that knows him, knows he struggles with writing, and there was a written portion, so say a little prayer for him if you don't mind. 

This was after we were done and on our way home. Yes I am a mean mom and I made him walk just over a half mile each way. But on the way home he said it was good practice for next year. Now the long wait til results come out in March. We have talked about how the selection process works quite a bit, and the school is a whole school STEAM magnet so even if he doesn't get into ZooBots he'll be in a STEAM magnet, but he'll be disappointed.

I am off for the night, depending on my layover in Chicago and wifi service will depend on if I post tomorrow or not. If not have a terrific Thursday everyone!

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