Friday, January 16, 2009

Military Families Need YOUR HELP!~Sticky Post!!!

As I have been researching ways to help solve our own personal housing situation, I have discovered that we are just one military family out of thousands who have found themselves in the same situation.

Military Homeowners are experiencing foreclosure rates at 4 times the national average!


Because Uncle Sam says its time to leave, and that time has come sooner rather than later than expected when the house was bought, and now thanks to the economy and the housing situation, the house that the family loves can not be sold. Nor can the family stay in the house that they love, not if they want to keep the family together. With the current world situation and being apart as much as military families are already, who wants to be seperated, when staying together is an option?

I have spent literally days over the last 16 months at the computer trying to find a solution to our own situation. Listing the house on every free site there is out there. Calling and emailing different people asking for help. Talking to our lender. Nothing is helping. We personally can not sell our house, not without loosing everything.

I have discovered that certain US Government agencies have built in systems for their agents who are transfered.

The FBI for instance has a program where if you are transfered and can not sell your house for what you owe, they step in and buy it from you. (I am sure there is more to it than that, but thats what it translated to for me.)

There are a couple of other similar programs for other agencies out there as well.

But NOTHING out there for our military.

We need this to change! Military members that are fighting for your freedoms need your help!

I found a website that has a letter that YOU need to send to your representatives in Washington!

Here is what I found at:

Tell Your Elected Officials to Act NOW to Help Military Homeowners in Distress!
VR SAM® & MORE SAM™ have made it EASY!
Military Homeowners are experiencing a foreclosure rate four times the national average! Why? Because they serve! Join VR SAM® and MORE SAM™ in demanding Congress act NOW to get this fixed! Military Families deserve:
-An IMMEDIATE tax credit to offset their losses when forced to move due to PCS orders. -Parity with other Federal Agencies employees in assistance with settlement costs and "buy out" programs.
You can do two simple things to make a difference.
1. Write Congress to get over due relief and 2. Petition powerful trade organizations and military non-profits to push this issue!
Instructions on Writing to Congress:
1. Follow the prompts below. (VR SAM will protect your privacy - see policy at end)
2. Select your Military Affiliation or Connection
3. Make your personal comments or describe your personal circumstances ( to be added to the form letter) in the space provided at the end of the letter.
4. Review and Print Letter
5. Review and Add name to Petition.
Please Note: (Snail Mail letters to your elected officials have MORE impact than email! We recommend you print your letter. The link below will have every elected officials' names and mailing address. Snail mail it to them today! Then call their office at the phone numbers (also shown on the link) and voice your opinion! The link also has their web sites with emails. You may wish to cut / paste and email the letter as well, but please do snail mail!)

Generated Letter
Dear ________________,
I am an concerned citizen from the state of _________. I am deeply concerned about the devastating impact of the current housing market on Military Families and the readiness of our fighting forces. In many cases, Military Families purchase homes when base housing and rentals are unavailable or inadequate. When ordered to move (PCS orders) Military Families must move and are entirely on their own to resolve the housing issues.
By some accounts, the foreclosure rate among Military Families is four times higher than the nation average. The financial impact for individual Military Families should be obvious. They incur debts that may not be paid off for decades and endure even more family separations on top of the extended deployments. In some cases damaged credit may prevent renewal of the security clearances required to do their jobs.
This will undoubtedly affect the readiness of our fighting forces. Despite their commitment to service in our country�s defense, highly experienced service men and women will be forced to leave the Military. We have service members in combat zones today while their families are dealing with foreclosure! Clearly this issue has a huge impact on our fighting forces morale.
I urge you to support two initiatives to relieve this unprecedented and unfair financial burden on our Military Families:
� Immediate tax credits for Military Families suffering financial loss when unable to sell their homes in a down market.
� Parity in Home Buying benefits for career designated Military Members similar to that enjoyed by employees of other Federal Agencies to include; settlement cost reimbursement and a guaranteed buy out when unable to sell in a down market.
I firmly believe there are substantial cost offsets in recruiting, training, and retention that would make such a program cost-effective. More importantly, it is simply the right thing to do! Military Families should not be denied the American Dream that they defend. Please act today!

I personally added to the letter that I have sent this:

To us there is no end in site, but yet the banks and the auto industry and Wall Street have been given money hand over fist, while thousands of military members are loosing their homes like we are. Just because the election is over, please do not forget about the men and women fighting for this great nation. Stand up and fight for them, do right by them. If they are FORCED to move from their home by a permanent change of station and can not sell their home do to the economy, find a way in all of that money you have set aside for the corrupt Wall Street bankers, to buy our houses, or help them out in some positive way and let our faithful men and women get back to just worrying about protecting this great nation.

You can go to either: or and get the email addresses, and snail mail addresses of your represenatives and senators.

Go to the White House's website and send emails to President Bush and Vice President Chaney at: and I know they are about to leave office, but they still have 2 months to make a positive difference!

I also ask that you write to President Elect Obama and Vice President Elect Biden at: and ask them to get involved in this issue right out of the starting gates in January.

Please help military families get the message out about this crisis that is hitting so many of us!
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