Saturday, January 17, 2009

"sick" DJ

Yesterday DJ's teacher brought him down to my room during their lunch (my planning). Right away I thought that he was in trouble as earlier in the week he had been rough housing, a bit too rough.

Instead, Mrs. H said look at his cheek. His left cheek was/is swollen. We looked in his mouth and couldn't see anything. He said it only hurt when we pushed on it (duh). He wasn't running a fever so we thought he had just bit it.

Over night it didn't get worse, but it didn't get better, so I took him in to the medstop this morning. The first thing the Dr. thought was mumps. But he has had all of his shots, within a couple of weeks of when they were due, so she doesn't know what the deal is. She poked and proded, and looked and listened, and there is nothing other than the swelling in his cheek to show that something was wrong.

She said that we had two options, one take blood there, and if everything was at an ok level put him on antibiotics and check on him in the morning (with her). Or two, take him to the ER and have them do a cat scan, and other tests. I asked how hard was she pushing for option 2, because if I could help him not to go through all of those tests I wanted to avoid them. She said as long as I was promising her that if he started running a fever or the swelling got worse, she was fine with us doing option one.

It took 3 sticks to get his blood drawn, and then we had to do a finger prick and milk enough blood to get the sample done. But everything looked good there, so she gave us a prescription for Amoxicillin, with orders that if he runs a fever, the swelling gets worse, or even if he starts acting not normal to take him to the ER. And no matter what we will be in there at 9 tomorrow morning so she can check on him again.

Everyone that dealt with him today, fell in love with him. He got extra lolipops and stickers for the three sticks, and being brave there. Three hours after his first dose of medicine his cheek doesn't look as swollen and he is talking better (before he had an obvious lisp from the swelling). So hopefully tomorrow she will tell us to just keep him on the medicine and we will be in the clear.
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