Saturday, January 10, 2009

I will never understand Walmart

Jerry and I went to the BX to get a couple of things and then to Walmart.

Both places had only a couple of registers open and lines a mile long.

At the BX the lady in front of us was arguing with the cashier about the price of the diapers she had picked up. The cashier, instead of calling someone to go look for her, and ringing up the next customer, left her register and went to the opposite end of the store to check. Only to come back and tell the lady that she didn't see any diapers on the shelf with that upc code. So the lady then tells her that she looked in the wrong spot. After just a few minutes though the BX opened another register, and the jewlery counter announced overhead that they were open. Crisis adverted, customers served, everyone happy.

Walmart on the other hand was typical Walmart.

Lines between 6 and 8 people deep at one end of the store. I walk down toward the other end because I can see three lights on, one at the line where you can get those lung cancer sticks, one at the express lines, and one in between these two. The first two still had decent sized lines. The one in the middle had two people, plus a cart pushed in front of the entrance to the line. I moved the cart and went in, because after all her light was still on. The cashier and the lady in line both looked at me like I was rude and wrong, and after I had already put stuff on the belt told me that she was closing. I looked at them both and said the light is still on, and there is no sign, so your not closed. Plus I don't see HOW you can close, when there are lines 8 people deep at the other end of the store. IF you think you can reasonably close with those lines, then I suggest you turn off your light. The cashier looked at me, then back at her light, then back at me, and finally as three more customers tried coming into her line, turned off her light. A new cashier came up and took the three customers behind me who were about to start a riot.

The customer in front of me said well you know, she may have to go to the restroom at some point today. I looked at her and said, lady I am a teacher, I have no sympathy!

I know that wasn't nice, but darn it they made me do it.
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