Monday, January 19, 2009

People need to watch their children more closely

Today when I called Natalie's friends house to see about picking her up, K (the dad) said that he had just had the police over.

There are several children in their neighborhood who decided that Natalie, K, and K were easy targets. These "children" chased the girls about 3 blocks, throwing rocks, sticks, and other things at them. As well as trying to surround the girls from different angles.

These "children's" parents were clueless as to what was happening, and from all accounts in shock when confronted by the police.

The worst part is that this group of "children" have recruited a kindergartner to their "gang". And have him doing some of thier dirty work for them. To include running out in front of my car as I went to pick Natalie up. They started to shout at me, and come towards the truck, then saw that K (the dad) was still out of the house and had his phone ready to call the police back, so the backed off.

Still even after the police had been there, the parents were no where to be seen, and the kids were still running free.

Once again I am glad Natalie does not attend the school here in town any more. I can just imagine what the day tomorrow would be like if she did.
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