Sunday, January 18, 2009

DJ Update...

I took DJ back into the Medstop today for his follow up. The doctor that we saw yesterday wasn't there today. But it was ok the doctor today was just as through and just as nice.

He agreed that the swelling has gone down significantly. He then checked his ears and throat again just to be safe. DJ's tonsils are swollen now but with the meds that should go down. Of course the doctor had to mention that one other time that he had seen a child DJ's age with that type of swelling it was cancer. Thanks Doc.... He did say though that in that case the swelling did not go away with antibiotics.

So anyway we had the ok to go to the birthday party at the Evil Rat Place (Chuck E. Cheese). Where fun (and headaches) were had by all.

Lots of pictures to come over the next few days. Kelsey and Bubbles have had the camera and done dress up photo shoots.
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