Saturday, April 19, 2008

3rd Grade!!!

I just got a phone call from the principal in the school district out in the Toolies.

As long as the state finishes up my certificate soon, I have a 3rd grade position for the fall. :)

It is a tiny district with one elementary school, one middle and one high school. With a lot of work to be done to help the kids reach their potential, but everyone seemed really nice and hard working when I was out there for my interview.

I think its funny that some of the people at Lowes were making faces at the drive (its about 25 miles from the house), but getting a job in Macon or in Perry would be the same distance, with more traffic. Plus when our lease is up we could look at renting more that direction, and still be in the catchment area for the high school here.

Big load off my mind. Now to stay on top of the state board people for my certificate.

PS more pictures from today, Natalie's birthday, and the cats are here


Anonymous said...

That is fabulous news, Patty! A big load off your mind. Hooray!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Patty! Third grade is perfect for you, I think you'll do an amazing job. Hooray!!! Now, goooooo, Georgia, get the certifications a'rollin'.

♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

YEA!!!!!!!! Finally!!! what fun 3rd graders will be. Cody's going into 3rd this fall, ekkkkk.

Windy said...

Way to go on the job!! I know its what ya had been hoping for. Those pics from the festival ...LOVE THEM, looks like lots of fun! Too bad ya dont live closer, ya could have Matthew for 3rd grade LMAO...I would have to supply you with Excedrin and a "special drink" to deal with him LOL