Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About 2 weeks ago, Kelsey received a letter in the mail from the BOE about a program called the Georgia Youth Apprenticeship Program, that locally is done in cooperation with the technical college, and the Air Force Base.

The program that she was invited to was for a program that is centered around Avionic Maintenance. Which for those of you that know Kelsey, know what a hoot that was to even hear that she was invited, let alone wanted to go and hear what the program was about.

But she wanted to go, so I arranged to take time off of tutoring (Tuesdays are one of my scheduled nights), so we could go and hear what it was all about.

Well that was, how to word it?




Yes, all of the above....

I knew that this program would probably not be Kelsey's cup of tea, but she expressed an interest so I made sure to take the time out of my usual tutoring schedule to take her.

The program GYAP sounds great, and probably is, but this one on Avionic Maintenance definitely is not for my daughter.

We sat a listened for about the first 30 minutes of the presentation, where the director of the program for the BOE explained about the program, how to get into the program, what they need to do as Freshmen, etc. Then he launched into the guts of the program, and talking about working with planes and such, and my girlie girl, rolled her eyes.

I knew at that point she was lost, and asked her if she wanted to stay or leave (since they were not even 1/2 way through the agenda at this point).

Now I have to give it to her, at least she didn't ask to leave as soon as...

The Director started talking about the commitment to the program that they have to make. (2 years in school, plus several after they graduate.)


When he started talking about the gpa that they have to maintain. (3.0)


When he was talking about the work hours after graduation they have to commit to. (2000 hours)


When he was talking about attendance, how they have to attend school, can not miss more than 2% of days, and 1% of work days.


When he was talking about the job commitment they have to make (30 hours a week at least during the summer, 15-20 during the school year).

During each of those segments he lost at least one and up to three families. And at least we were sitting in the back row, right by the door when we sneaked out (the blessing of getting lost on the way there is we were late :lol: ) , unlike most of the others who were towards the front (one family was in the front row even, had that been us, I would have stayed till the bitter end, for fear of embarrassment!)

After we left we went to go see about getting the ink refilled for the printer (the one place was closed, and no one else will fill them). Then went to Books a Million so she could get her Skip-Beat book.

It was nice to just go out and have a bit of relaxing time with her. We were able to joke around about the program (not that the program was a joke, just the thought of her being interested in it was.) Plus talk about the kids at school, her "interest" at school, who is just a friend, and only wants to be friends because he is moving this summer. We also talked about her having a job this summer, other than babysitting (she wants to go to California to work with Angela/Mer at Ihop, we will see, that depends on how Angela is feeling and how much Matthew is scheduled to be out of town).
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