Monday, March 03, 2008

Home from work

I called into Lowes tonight. I was not feeling well, just over tired, and grumpy. We really can not afford for me to take the night off, but we can't afford for me to get really really sick either.

I was "the" teacher again today. Mrs. A is sick, I believe. There was a sub assigned to work for her, but the class across the hall's parapro is out due to a death in the family. So I thought to see if the office wanted our sub to go over there and help. I am tired, from being "on" all day long, but it felt good to be "the one". We didn't follow the lessons exactly to the letter, but I did my best. I think I gave them the wrong morning work, but that was because I wasn't sure what she meant by what was in the lesson plans, and Mrs. B agreed with me on what I chose to do (Mrs. B is the teacher right next door.)

Mrs. A had left a message on her voice mail for the sub saying not to do literacy circles and to give them free centers instead. Which I did, but not the entire time that was alloted. I expanded on the math lesson instead. We were working on addition and number stories and sentences. So we play acted out a number story, and discussed it. Then I put them into pairs, and had them write their own number stories. We had turtles and rabbits, raccoons and rainbows, and all sorts of things adding together. I think it went well, hopefully Mrs. A will too.

I discovered more today that Mrs. A does her own thing as far as her class goes. Which I already knew, but it was more obvious when I was out looking for a master of something and was told by three different of the teachers that they "don't do that" part of the day like we do. What makes me giggle, is really Mrs. A's class is run how I remember being taught that a kinder class should/would run.
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