Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter, end of subbing in Kinder,

Yesterday was my last day in the kinder class. Mrs. M is to be back to work on Monday. It was a very nice day, with sugared, hyper kids. LOL

I took in the bird for the kids to see and learn about, since earlier in the week we had read a Scholastic reader about birds. Oh boy did they (both the kids and the bird) enjoy that! And the bird was perfectly behaved (surprisingly). She can be very territorial at times, so I wasn't sure that she wouldn't try and nip one of the kids, so I kept reminding them no sudden moves, no sticking your fingers near her face, no fingers in or near the cage, etc. etc. The only time she came close to nipping any of them was when one of the boys came at her when she was walking around on the floor and startled her (we were at circle "show and tell" time), and then when I was walking around with her so they could pet her feathers, one of the girls came at her from the front, and the bird went to step up, using her beak, never made contact with either kid though.

Since we were doing an egg hunt Mrs. A sent me at lunch time to get DJ to come and join us for the rest of the day. Spoiled kid that he is. ;) We paired him up with the one little boy, and they worked together to collect the 14 eggs that they could collect. I was "in charge" of the basket for the two of them, and double counting. It was so cute the way they helped each other and "M" enjoyed being the "bigger" kid for a while (he is the student that all of the others "take care of" all of the time.

I was so blessed with this job for the past 6 weeks. I learned so much, and met some great people.

I got a couple of really nice things, for having my last day, and all of the work I did. Which I so did not expect.

The para-pros from the other classes gave me a card with a gift card to Olive Garden in it.

Mrs. A gave me a card, a pretty pair of earrings, and a glowing letter of recommendation, that both she and Mr. C signed. :)

I kept telling them all that they were going to make me cry!

I am really going to miss them all, and hopefully I will be in the school subbing again soon, so that I can see them.

Today was a super long day.

I was scheduled a 9 hour day at Lowes.

I want to know when I got into management, that I had to work that long, and where is my raise to reflect it? Because last I heard, really a regular old cashier, like myself, is not really supposed to work more than 8 hours.

Thank goodness this is my last schedule that A did, she has moved back to the floor. I guess someone some where realized what poor people skills she has, and that being the front end manager was NOT a good thing! Especially since today when she came in she completely ignored me. Oh well.

Our new store manager started some time this past week. I think I have only said 3 words to her in the two days, so I don't know what she will be like.

It is going to be interesting to see how things play out. I am going to be interested to see what her stand is on the people that constantly are late to work, No Call No show, or are constantly late back from lunch. I really hope that she does not put up with some of the crap that goes on around there.

Our district manager was in the store today, doing a walk through. Which was different from how it was down in Florida. It was the first time I have ever seen this district manager, where as the one in Florida was in the store at least every 10 days, if not more.

When I first got there, he called a code 3 (three people waiting in line) to Outside, and when the one cashier got out there there was no line. Then about 10 minutes later, they called one for lumber, I went running down there (because I knew he was in the store), and there was a short line, but also he was right there. Then when I got back down to the front end (after covering the lunch break for the lumber cashier), he called one for the front end. I wonder if it has anything to do with the customer complaints that I am sure were filed the other weekend?

All in all it was a pretty smooth day though. We were BUSY! Which made it go by fast, thank goodness! But I have been fighting a sinus/allergy migraine all day long. It woke me up about 3:30 and I took the last of the sinus (daytime) that we had here at the house.

I made my first Craigslist sale!!!!

We sold the trailer that my parents gave us last year. :) The guy came down from Atlanta this morning and paid for it and picked it up. He and his buddies are planing on painting it red and black, and using it for tailgating. Something about Go Dawgs.....

It made me laugh though later on today. I had a customer come through getting lots of plumbing supplies. He said he is redoing the interior of an older motor home.....

That he and his buddies are going to use tailgating...

And guess what colors it is going to be done out in?

Yup black and red.

I couldn't believe the luck that he came through my line and just happened to mention what he was buying it for.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter tomorrow, whether you are enjoying the bunny's visit, spending the day at church, spending the day with family and friends, or going to work (like I am)!!!
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