Monday, March 24, 2008

Just a Monday

I hope everyone had a great Easter, or at least a better start to the day than I did yesterday.

I woke up yesterday morning with a raging Migraine. Bad enough to where I was sick to my stomach and crying. I called in sick to Lowes only to be told that I either came into work, or had a doctors note, because it was Easter. This would not have upset me, except for the fact that they had seen how I was on Saturday when it was setting in.

So I spent the next 30 minutes or so calling Tricare, and then the on call doctor to get approval to go to the Medstop here in town.

Luckily the Medstop was not busy and I was seen within the first 10 minutes of being there. The doctor gave me a shot of Tramadol, and a prescription for a pain killer, plus my note for work.

By the time I got my prescription filled I was feeling a lot better, and came home in time to watch the kids hunt eggs (that the girls were nice enough to fill and hide).

Then I took a nice long nap.

Jerry took my note up to Lowes, and then he made our Easter Feast. Since he was in charge of dinner, we had an Easter BBQ, with steak, crab legs, shrimp and corn. Not exactly traditional Easter fare, but since I wasn't cooking I was not complaining! ;)

Today was my first day not subbing, since getting my paperwork approved.

Not that I didn't get the calls to...

But I had an interview lined up, in one of the surrounding counties.

The interview was done by a panel of the principal, assistant superintendent, lead grade teacher, media specialist, and assistant principal. They asked the usual questions, as well as some about my subbing and some of the things that were referenced in my letter that Mrs. A and Mr. C gave me to take.

It is a small school, and every one knows everyone. The kids walked into the office and the secretary called them all by their first name, and if she needed to call a parent, was able to do that almost without looking up the number. Plus if a parent came in to get a child she called the room without looking it up.

It is a bit of a drive, so while I think the interview went well, I will not be super disappointed if I do not get offered the job.

If I get offered it, then that is great, and when we are in a position to look for houses then we would look out that direction, rather than here in town.

Tomorrow I already have a sub job lined up. It is for a parapro again, this time down in the south of the county. I am going to make sure to take my resume and give it to the office, just in case they have something open for the fall.
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