Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thirteen for Thursday

Its been a week or two since I did one. Oops...

Thirteen things I love about being a teacher....

1. I love watching them "get" it.

2. I love stopping and thinking how can I rework this so they "get" it.

3. I love being able to show them how much I care about them.

4. I love the hugs when they do good, and the hugs to encourage them to keep trying.

5. I love that 99% of the parents are supportive and want to help their child become the best that they can be, and have not as of yet, just given up on their child.

6. I love the fact that learning is still fun for them.

7. I love when one of our "struggling" kids has a GREAT DAY, and I am able to express that to their "parents".

8. I love hearing from a former student, about what is going on in their life now, my social site pages have lots of former students who are now in the military and in college who are still in touch.

9. I love changing lives one child, on family at a time.

10. I love the challenge of reaching each child.

11. I love taking a step back at the end of the day and reflecting on the positives of the day.

12. I love summer! ;)

13. I just love teaching.

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