Friday, March 07, 2008

Walmart ticks me off

If I can help it I am never going back to the local Walmart closest to us here!

I am tired of waiting in lines 20 people deep, and if you complain about the wait the CSM looks at you like you are inconsiderate of her needs!

Stupid cow! I am the customer, you are the service person, doing a service and without my business you do not have a job!

This morning, I dropped DJ off at school early so that I could stop at Walmart, before going to work. I left the base and arrived at the Walmart with about 40 minutes before I had to be at school.

PLENTY of time!



Since I knew what I wanted (cupcakes, napkins, Green Eggs and Ham (the book) and small candy), I figured I would be in and out in no time.

I grabbed everything I needed and headed up to the check outs at 7:30, only to find a LONG line. Then I noticed that the register next to the one with the light on, had a gal checking out someone. So I stuck my head around the end of the end-cap and politely asked if she was going to still be open when she was through with that customer (since her light was off).

She said yes. So half of the line proceeded to follow me to that register.

Now at this point both check outs (the ONLY TWO in the ENTIRE STORE OPEN) have lines back to the womans clothing section.

The gal in front of me had one purchase she was making with a check, and a smaller group that she was buying with WIC. No problem, except that the cashier had NO IDEA how to run a WIC purchase.

The other cashier, called for a CSM, and then talked her through it, but there was a problem with the type of eggs the woman had gotten. The poor new mother, was like, and egg is an egg, what the heck! The cashier told her that she would have to go back and find the correct eggs, and that she will wait for her. (With 10 people in line!)

I expressed that she could suspend the transaction or void it out so she could check some of us out while we waited, and the cashier looked at me like I was an alien asking the impossible of her. The other cashier suggested that she void the sale, and re-ring it when the woman came back. The cashier in my lane then followed her instructions, but OH WAIT! We have to wait for the CSM that was called to the register 8 minutes prior! (yes I was watching my watch!)

Finally 9 minutes after the CSM had been paged the CSM came strolling up like she had all of the time in the world, and like there were not 20 people wanting to check out. When I expressed my displeasure in the wait, and in the fact that it had taken her so long to walk up to help, the CSM had the audacity to GLARE at me, a paying customer.

EXCUSE THE HECK OUT OF ME! I thought that in retail the Customer is always right?!? But that not the point, the point is that there is 20 registers in this particular Walmart and they have no system in place for calling for additional cashiers to come and assist in getting customers out of the line when needed.

They have NO consideration for the needs of their customers, who at 745 in the morning 99% of them are on their way to work, or on their way home from an over night shift.

I was within 1 minute of being late for work, I clocked in at 7:59 this morning, when I should have been early, had I not had to wait in a line for 20 plus minutes!

I can not express to you how often this type of thing has happened to me at this store. I am done, I am not going back to this store. I will drive to Publix/Kroger/Winn-Dixie and pay higher prices, I will drive further to the other Walmart in town if there is something that I really really have to get at Walmart.

They NEED TO TEACH their cashiers and CSMs that without the customers they do not have a job!

I guess that is the problem when I work in retail at night, I know how hard the job is, but you know what? To keep my job I am expected to be polite, and if there are more than 3 or 4 customers trying to check out, I am expected to call for someone to help check them out, or jump on a register myself. Our head cashiers are expected to haul butt if they are paged to a register, not to take their time, and if something delays them, then they are expected to call the register that needs help and find out if there is something that can be helped with over the phone while they are getting there, and if need be call for back up.
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