Monday, March 31, 2008

Save Reading is Fundamental!

I am writing to ask that you show your support for saving Reading Is
Fundamental's funding in the FY09 Federal Budget. President Bush's
proposed budget eliminates the Inexpensive Book Distribution program,
which is managed by Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). The Inexpensive Book
Distribution program is authorized under the Elementary & Secondary
Education Act (SEC.5451 Inexpensive Book Distribution Program for Reading
Motivation) and is not funded through earmarks. It has been funded by
Congress and six Administrations without interruption since 1975.

Unless Congress appropriates $26 million to fund RIF's book distribution
program, this program would be unable to distribute 16 million books
annually to the nation's youngest and most at-risk children. This would be
devastating to the children in our community as well as the 4.6 million
children and their families who receive free books and reading
encouragement from RIF programs at nearly 20,000 locations throughout the

Click here and write to your legislative representative!
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