Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well this could be bad, or it could be good...

I heard today that Mrs. M (the parapro that I am subbing for) is planning on coming back to work on Monday. Her husband is doing well, and she wants to try and come back to work.

Which is great for them, because it means that his cancer is under control, and he is feeling well enough for her to come back to work.

But I have mixed feelings about the whole deal...

In a way this could be bad because I was thinking I had a sub position till the end of the year.

In a way this could be good because I can go and work at other schools and get to know other staffs and administrators. So that hopefully I can get my face and name out there for jobs.

I am trying to focus on the positive of it.

I have not heard "officially" that she is coming back, from Mr. C, Mrs. A or Ms P. The only reason I know that Ms M plans on coming back is that she was in the lounge when I went up for my break, and all of the para-pros were excited that she is coming back and that Mr. M is doing great.
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