Monday, March 31, 2008

Why can't there just be one application, one form, one background check?

Why can't there just be one application, one form, one background check, one fee, one fingerprint check?

When you are applying for a teaching job?

I mean really, I have filled out between 5 and 10 different teaching applications since we found out for sure we were moving here.

One for the county we live in.

One for the state data base.

One for the county just north of us.

One for the county just east of us.

One for the county just west of us.

One for the on base school.

Plus several others for non-traditional schools. I am so tired of filling out applications and answering the same questions over and over again.

Plus all of these places want their own official copies of my transcripts, at between $5 and $10 a pop.

Then you add in getting my background check/fingerprints done each place, at between $15 and $50 a pop.

And this is getting expensive...

I just wish that someone other than me could see how frustrating this system is. I know each of the districts needs their own information, but in this day and age of computers and information technology there has to be a way to make this process run smoother. The state database goes a long way to providing this, but not all of the counties accept just that application (three out of the four around here, don't). You can search for available positions, through the data base, but when you go to apply for them it either directs you to the schools electronic application (which is a blessing), or in the case of today, it doesn't send the information to the district.

You see today I decided that I needed to figure out where the one county was, and how far I am considering driving if I am seriously interested in working there (smart, huh?) So the girls and I took a drive out there.

When I got out to the district office, the personnel office was closed for lunch. No big deal, we will just go find the schools and I can drop off my resume to each of them. Only to learn that in that district, this practice is taboo. (insert giant sigh here)

So the girls and I drove out to the peach farm, just outside of town, for handmade ice cream (peach for me, strawberry for Kelsey, and chocolate for Natalie). I also picked up a jar of local honey, to take every day, in hopes to combat my allergies with out medical intervention.

We will be going back to pick strawberries, and during peach season. YUMMMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!! I want to go back down this week and take pictures while the trees are still in bloom, so so so pretty. If I do I promise to share.

Okay back to the true story...

We go back to the district office and I go in. Once I got there I explained to the personnel secretary that I have applied on Teach Georgia, but I wanted to see if there was anything else that I needed to do.

The personnel secretary goes to look up my application, and tells me that they don't have it on file.

So I spent the next 30 minutes filling out a paper application, because they don't offer it online.

Then before my application can be considered active they require that they have official transcripts, AND a background check. Cha ching! $$$$$

Plus since my application from the database did not go through, I have to get three more reference forms filled out. The saving grace there is that the one I got from Mrs. A and Mr. C the other week, will count for 2. I just need to find a third one. Which is not that bad, except I feel bad asking the people I have used in the past to fill out more reference forms.

It was kind of a frustrating time. I am hoping that my frustration didn't show through, though.

Speaking of frustrating. The lungs were not a "match" for Tricia. Please join me in keeping her in your thoughts and prayers, and also for her almost donor and their family. Just because they were not a good match for Tricia does not mean that they were not a good match for someone else.
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