Thursday, July 17, 2008

And its getting crazy with school things already!

Gotta love it!

I had the Singapore Math conference Monday to Wednesday of this week. While I was there I met a couple of my new collegues, can not wait to get to know them better!

I was reminded Wednesday afternoon that I needed to call the district office and ask if my employment verifications were all back, so that I can sign my contract.

When I called, I found out that they were all in, but...

DoDEA messed up on my years. The last year the have down something like August 2004 to June 1908. The HR rep from the district has called and left messages at DoDEA to get a corrected copy sent to her, but has never had a call back, and has not recieved the corrected copy. So she is going to call again this afternoon.

Then there is a computer class/test that the state of Georgia requires teachers to take to get their professional level certificate. When I tried to sign up for the class/test in June all of the sessions were full, or else I was doing something wrong. I meant to call the HR rep and ask her about it, but it slipped my mind, until today, when she asked me about it.

Crap... thats a big jump in pay if I didn't get it done.

So I went on the website that she gave me, and I got signed up to take it today at 1 p.m., only problem? I have to work today from 6 am until 2 pm. I called Lowes, and talked to A about not taking a lunch, plus leaving at 1215 so that I can make it to Macon by 1 pm A said it shouldn't be a problem.

I called the HR rep at the district back and told her when I am taking the test, and I go to sign my contract/work on my classroom on Friday morning at 8. Mrs. F said that I should get a paper after I am done with the test to prove that I took it, and that is all I will need.

But then I got there to take my test and I had read the website wrong! I was supposed to bring a credit card with me to pay for the test.

The credit card is with Jerry running to Atlanta to pick up one of the guys coming back from being TDY. Crap.

Luckily I had cash with me, and the proctor of the test offered to put it on his card if I gave him the cash.


But, I only had $33.00.


I started counting the change in my change purse and was up to $1.60, figuring I would run out to the truck and see if I could scrounge up the extra $0.40, when the gal in line behind me handed me $2.00. When I tried to give her the change that I had she told me not to worry about it.


Plus I passed the test!

Whew! One less stressor...

Until we checked the mail...

I knew that I had a school, new teacher orientation next Friday, and I arranged with Lowes to be off.

I got my welcome back letter from Dr. S today, though and there is a district new teacher orientation on Thursday that I didn't know about. I am supposed to work on Wednesday and Thursday at Lowes. So I am going to need to see if one of the people that is scheduled to work Monday or Tuesday and not working on Thursday can switch with me. I am going to try and get an idea of who can maybe switch with me, and then see what my online tutoring schedule is, because that normally opens a few more people that I can see about trading with.

Then there is also parent information sessions on the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th that I have to ask about, so that I can arrange with Lowes and tutoring online as needed, plus the staff retreat that is the 8-9th (possibly).

So if you are with me here is my schedule from the 14th until who knows when...

July 14-16 Singapore Math Training
July 17 Lowes and Certification test
July 18 sign contract/work in classroom
July 19-20 Lowes
July 21/22 Lowes/online
July 23 Lowes/online
July 24 new teacher orientation
July 25 new teacher orientation
July 26 Lowes
July 27th Lowes/Welcome back reception for Teachers/DJ's birthday
July 28th First day back for teachers
July 28-August 1st teacher work days, August 1st is open house at the school
August 2-3 Lowes
August 4th 1st day of school
August 8-9th staff retreat (need to ask about this, because I will have to see about getting the 9th off of work).

Busy much????

Plus I have to add in that someone at Lowes "misplaced" my new availiblity form that I filled out and put in the admin managers box 3 weeks ago, so that it would be in the system for the week of the 26th. I got there this morning, and I am scheduled to open 3 weekday mornings the week of teacher work days. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I had to fill out a new form, and the will just have to change the pending schedule.

But the positive side of all of this, is that school is starting, I am more excited about this upcoming school year than I have been about teaching in a LONG time. AND since the year is starting we are that much closer to being in a spot to start working our way out of this huge money pit that we have gotten into this year.
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