Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shots Saturday

We got up "early" (late for Jerry, early for the rest of us since its summer), and took the kids in for thier school physicals.

They all checked out fine. DJ and Natalie both need to go to the dentist, but we already knew that, its just a matter of getting a dentist that will take Tricare/United Concordia, and not have us pay up front/wait until I get paid so we can pay up front.

I have to get DJs well baby though before they will give him his shots (plus he's not 4 until tomorrow, so there is that too). So they gave me his shot records with a 30 window on it to get them.

However I gave the guy my ID so he could pull DJ's information, and I NEEDED A SHOT!!! I had to have my MMR booster, they werent supposed to be doing adults today, but since they all ready had it pulled up they went ahead and did it. Now my arm is going to hurt at work tonight.

Both of the girls are caught up again on thier shots, they both needed two. One of which was the garadsil that they were behind on, and the other was their Hep A.

The girls will be making a Blues Clues cake tonight when it starts to cool down outside. DJ wanted Spiderman, but they somehow convinced him that he wants Blue. It will be interesting to see how it comes out. ;)
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