Sunday, July 06, 2008

Home again

We are home from picking up the girls.

I think Northwest needs to come up with a across the board as far as unaccompanied minors goes.

Sending the girls out to LA, we didn't have to pay extra, and once in LA the staff walked them out to the baggage claim to meet Angu.

Coming home, they charged Angu for them flying unaccompanied minors, and I had to go pick them up at the gate. I only found that part out by finally finding someone to ask after they should have already came out to baggage claim. The ticket counters were closed, so I had to search for someone that worked for the airline to ask if they even made the flight.

The security people were not amused by my handwritten gate pass, but my answer to them was that they could call the gate and have the lady bring me my children, or they could let me go get my children. They let me go, I just had to put up with the extra screening, and the 50 million questions about why I had the "wrong" pass.

The gate agent was not impressed with how long it took me to get there either, but she still had 2 other kids that she was waiting with, so she had to deal with it. ;)

DJ, Jerry and I went up to Rutledge this afternoon to try and go to the Sunflower Festival, but we got chased out of the parking lot by a bad rain storm. Even saw a tornado trying to form (Jerry took a picture, hopefully I will get it up tomorrow). Then we went ahead and drove into Atlanta and hit the Zoo, a mall, and had dinner before getting the girls. Again hopefully I will get pictures up tomorrow.
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