Monday, July 21, 2008

Making progress on the first week of school.

Well I am making progress on my first week of school ideas and plans.

I have decided that the whole "theme" for my classroom is going to be Shooting for the stars/Superstars. :)

I know its probably over done, but Wallyworld had some cute star fabric that wasn't too expensive.

On the board outside of my room I am going to do something to the effect of Welcome to Mrs. C's Super Stars. With a shooting star (that Kelsey has said she will help me make) and all of the kids names in stars.

Then on the bulletin board that is across the room, and the easiest to see when you go into the room, we (meaning Kelsey) are going to turn that into a star. The bulletin board part we are going to turn into a giant puzzle. The center piece on the puzzle will be a bit larger than the rest, and be my piece. The rest of the pieces the kids will turn to all about themselves pieces. I am trying to decide if I want to pass out thier pieces at Open House on the 1st to have them work on over the weekend with help from home, or if I want that as my morning work on the first day of school. I am leaning toward morning work, so that none of the pieces get lost.

The large bulletin board on the back of the room will be divided into 3 sections. One for a Word Wall, one for an Election center, and one for the calendar. I think. LOL that one is the least decided.

I am getting so excited for Thursday and Friday! I actually hope that Thursday when I get done with the district level orientation that I can go work on my room for a while. I am not counting on that time though, because Dr. S requested that we didn't go in this week, so I will just see what happens.
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