Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: things that I would like to have for my classroom

Thirteen Things that would be nice to have in my classroom

1. Table Lamp

2. Floor Lamp

3. Carpet

4. 24 Math Game Especially the addition/subtraction, and the multiplication/division ones.

5. Bean Bags

6. Music Wands

7. Clever Catch Balls
I have the multiplication one, but I would love the science ones and the other math ones.

8. Felxitables Multiplication tables for those of us who need to manuver them.

9. Easel

10. Mini-refrigerator

11. Fabric Storage Cubes to help organize all of those books!

12. Space place

13 Rolling organizer Ok so this one would have been nice to have the year I was a traveling teacher in Florida! But still is nice.

I know that a lot of these items are "pie in the sky" things, that are not "must haves". Others people probably will wonder why I have them on a "dream sheet", because they are low cost, or things that I should be able to do. But when you consider that I am in a low income district, and that I personally have been out of work (teaching work) for a year, even the low cost items are big money items.
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