Sunday, July 20, 2008

Setting up my classroom

The kids and I went out to school Friday morning, my first time out that direction since picking up my teacher editions.

I finally got my contract signed, they wanted to wait for all of my verification forms to return, plus for me to take that computer test.

Doing so I found a big advantage to teaching here in Georgia.

Teacher salaries are set at the state level. So that even though I am teaching in a small county school, I am making the same that I would teaching here in the big county with all of the big resources. The only part that is different is the local supplement, but that is almost the same, close enough that I am not complaining. I am going to be making almost what I made with DoDEA, and I think that is with my extras that I did. I know I have 2 years more on my steps and that helps getting me that much, but considering that I made $16,000 less the first year we were in Florida, this is a definate positive step.

We also got my room pretty much set up, thanks to Kelsey. I said something about wanting to get it done, and she made it happen. There are a few adjustments that I am sure I will make next week, but for the most part it is done. The part I really don't like is where my computer desk is, but I don't think that I can change that, because it is next to the only drops for the network.

I need to do some sorting of books, and decide if the students will have their books in their desks or if I will assign them all a cubby space to keep everything (of course that means a lot of movement, hum, maybe not!)

Plus I need to do bulletin board and the like.

I wanted to do my bulletin boards with fabric as the backdrop, instead of paper, because it lasts longer and is more durable, but the fabric store here in town sucks. There is one other store that I know of for sure that sells fabric, so I am going to run and check there, but if all else fails I guess I will use paper.

DJ got to see a pre-k class. They run a summer school pre-k program that we got to go down and see. He was "shy", meaning scared, because the kids are all about to go into Kinder, so bigger than him. Plus they were doing Musical Movement, which is loud (hence how we knew they were there, you could hear them from my classroom at the other end of the school), so he wasn't too sure what to think about it.

Natalie has decided that she wants to attend the middle school there. Kelsey is undecided, because they don't offer as much in the way of electives. Their hours are about the same as mine, and it is maybe 1/4 a mile from my school, so there would not be a problem, and they would be able to watch DJ for the most part if I am in a meeting. It would be neat to have all 3 kids within touching distance. LOL

This should tell you how small of a district/county it is..

Yesterday when the girls talked more about going to school out there, we ran over to the middle/high school to get more information before going to lunch.

While we were there talking to the graduation coach, we asked about middle school band for Natalie.

The graduation coach was not sure, so she called over another gentlemen to ask him. Dr. P, who is the Superintendent of schools for the county! He talked to us for over 20 minutes, taking time to answer questions that the girls had, and telling me that he had heard great things about me, then praising the girls for being able to communicate their concerns about moving to the school, and being able to ask great questions to get the answers that they needed to make informed decisions.

That would not have happened in the district we live in, nor in the districts in Florida that we have been in. I never saw the superintendent of schools at either district (the first one I taught in, and the one that the girls went to for 2 years.)
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