Monday, February 20, 2012

Can you help me to attend the White House Tweetup? #WHTweetup


I have 67 little reasons for wanting the chance to go on this Tweetup, my fourth grade students! Can you imagine how excited they will be if I get this chance? Talk about bouncing off the walls excited. Our writing assignment for this coming week is to write letters to President Obama for President's Day (my fourth year with this assignment and my studens love this chance every year). What if I had the chance to deliver them in person? (Kind of, since I know I wouldn't be able to actually hand them to him, but I could mail them from DC or maybe even give them to the tweetup handlers). They love to talk about history, they love to see the pictures from my other tweetups, they love to hear about the people I have already had a chance to meet and they love to take the chance to "tweet" my friends that are attending events to ask questions. Every event I have a chance to go to, or to send questions through my friends, inspires them to come up with more questions about the world we live in. I know they would give me assignments of things to ask and to take pictures of. 

Another reason to help me attend this tweetup? The history in the making that I can continue to share with my future students. The meetings that will happen during this State visit will discuss world events that will effect the future of this country and all of my future students. To be able to share this with the generations to come would be absolutely amazing.

I have been able to share both of my previous tweetup experiences with my current students (NASATweetup STS135, and Space Camp Tweetup) to inspire them to reach for the stars. I can guarantee that this experience would inspire them to reach for the White House (we talk almost daily about how if a person with President Obama's background and experiences can get there, these kids from Rural Georgia can get there too!) 

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