Friday, February 03, 2012

#SCTweetup #SmileMovie Day 2 AM AKA When Mrs. C gets lost and finds her way to Marshall Space Flight Center

Friday morning I woke up early and decided to head to the commissary on Red Stone near where I was staying. Well I missed my turn and knew that I could go around a block and get back there based on the map in my hotel room.

On my way around that big huge block, (which by the way made it look as if there are only like 8 roads on post) I saw this sign....
Which by the way I had been told by someone that "Marshall is NASA, and you are a DOD dependent, two totally different worlds so you can't go there."
Dear Someone,
You were wrong....
Love Me. :-)
Actually because Marshall has several National Landmarks on property there is very little that you can not see (disclaimer: I did not go into any buildings, and only turned around in one parking lot)
That sign up there was in front of this building:
Then I drove down the road a little bit with no idea what I might see (this road was off the main road), and I saw this sign:
IMG_0059 I was almost scared to drive in the gates, but figured since there was nothing screaming do not enter on the gates and they were open I was safe.
What a beautiful site to see:
IMG_0060 The original RedStone Test site. WOW
IMG_0061 I mean for goodness sake the Real Dr. Von Braun once stood where I was standing! (and probably the voice behind @DrVonBraun too)
National Historic Landmark 1985
After I was amazed by the RedStone I headed off back towards the main gate and I saw this
Someone clearly needs to refurbish their signs... IMG_0075
Stay tuned for the next installment of "Where do Patty and Jeffery go next?" :-)

Disclaimer: I am trying to spread these posts out over a few days so that my homepage doesn't get overwhelmed, and I can keep living the memories!

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