Monday, February 06, 2012

The Not So VIP Tour #sctweetup #notsoviptour

Saturday of my tweetup trip was an unofficial day. I went to the Marriott and picked up a few of the people with late flights (or in Gloria's case, she was riding with me) and we went out exploring. 

@libbydoodle, @glorialloyd @funky49 and @ucfengr02

@libbydoodle happy to be there


Our group at the Historic Redstone Test Site, I was running from the camera to them, and didn't quite make it. lol

Colleen set it up this time!

Of course we had to all tweet about it

Rocket park

Gloria with the baby shuttle

Jeffery with the baby shuttle Endeavor

Gloria and Steve do the creepy astronaut pose. 

Jeffery being rescued from the Navy fly boys (see the Aviation Challenge Post) by the Army

Back to USS&R

 Such a cool place, I really want to go back for teacher academy.

Our friend @johnrsports and his family have a memorial brick (our group also will have one soon!) It is now a place to check in at on Foursquare thanks to Libby! 

Steve getting a shot of the Saturn V (or maybe he was resting?)

Movie poster inside Space Camp
Hall of Fame wall, with Gloria standing next to one of the guys we met the night before.


We played the how many people can we fit into a photo booth game. 

The height guide for the G Force

Riding the Space Shot

Another of my favorite quotes from @DrvonBraun

Walking the Red Carpet again
Checked out the size of the Saturn V

All of the interactive exhibits in the Davidson Center

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