Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun with the @NASATweetup @astro_ron Tweetup from Jeffersonville

As if I needed any more proof that #NASATweetups were awesome... today they proved it to my students as well! 

Today I had some great tweeps at the Ron Garan Tweetup NASA Headquarters. 

As the tweetup happened my kids and I sent in questions to a few of them, and they sent us back answers. 

One of the kids asked the same question that DJ told me to ask someone to ask Ron, so I sent Colleen the question. 

 what  misses the most is seeing the earth come alive, cities waking up in the morning 

Not only did the tweeps at the #nasatweetup answer questions for us, but so did some of my other friends who knew the answers. :-) 

When I told my students we had answers oh boy oh boy did they get excited! 

(Like we needed anymore with the holiday, but this was a good kind)

We also looked at Fragile Oasis pictures online and talked about the things Ron Garan was sharing with the tweeps. They asked all sorts of questions, some that I knew the answer for, some that we had to Google. 

For instance how many times a day does the International Space Station orbit the Earth in 24 hours?
I thought I knew the answer, but we decided to let technology help us out and double check Mrs. C's memory. I said 16, and Google says I am correct! ;-) 

Then one of my students said, hey Mrs. C we have to write a story for homework tonight, can we do it on the International Space Station? Our spelling words will work, well as long as it doesn't have to be 100% non-fiction. So guess what their homework prompt turned into? When I Lived on the ISS.... :-) BINGO! 

Hopefully I can get one or two of their stories and share them on here soon!

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