Saturday, February 11, 2012

Space Camp Tweetup #sctweetup SCUBA

One of the highlights of the Space Camp Tweetup for the movie premiere of A Smile As Big As The Moon was the chance to go in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer and SCUBAing. :-) A couple of people had underwater cameras so we were able to get pictures 24 feet down. The UAT is 24 ft deep, and used to simulate neutral buoyancy and micro gravity. Participants practice things that they could be doing in space. We were able to play basketball with a 13 pound bowling ball (I still stink at basketball, but in the UAT at least I can dunk!), lift a 100+ pound  "ball", activate rocket boosters, climb through small spaces, making tetrahedrons (just like in the movie A Smile As Big As The Moon)  and wave to the people in the museum watching through the portholes. :-)

First we had to swim from the stairs to the deck. 
Waiting to get suited up.
Hi Mom
Underwater Basketball

100 + pound ball

Getting the water out of my mask


Me and @UFCENGR02

On the bottom of the pool

 @kelleyapril and @gabesalas with the diving instructor building the tetrahedron 

  @scienceesl in the UAT

@ssquire dunking
Bowling ball dunk
Me and @kelleyapril
@scienceesl & @KelleyApril in the UAT

100 lb Steel ball

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