Sunday, February 26, 2012

What should I see while in Washington DC for the #WHTweetup?

I am trying to plan my trip to Washington DC for the White House Tweetup, and have a lot of ideas for what I "want" to see when I go. Here is my list:

White House~Given considering I am going for the Tweetup at the White House
Capitol Building ~I have a request for a tour in with Senator Chambliss' office
Air and Space~I want to go wish Enterprise well before she leaves for New York
Arlington~JFK/eternal flame, something we didn't see last time we went
Washington Monument

Now I want to know, if you were me, what would you make sure that you saw in your time in DC? My plan is to fly in on Monday and fly out on Thursday so really I will only have Tuesday to really explore, as I am not sure exactly how long we will be at the Tweetup on Wednesday.

Can you help me make it to the tweetup?

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