Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Jeffery the tiger does Space Camp #sctweetup

Jeffery the Jeffersonville Tiger joined me on my adventures at Space Camp. I think he had just as much fun as I did on our trip.

A Space Shuttle Model made out of Kinex 

 With the Underwater Astronaut Trainer.

 Over looking mission control

Rock Climbing on Mars

Watching @ucfeng02 and @johnrsports fly the helicoptor (we never did do this simulator!)

With @SuetheTRex Made out of Kinex

Already starting on the rides

Getting a boost from @ssquire to open the door to our area

The entire group

In the mission briefing room

Listening to @spacecampkimbly explaining how the 1/6 gravity chair works.

Taking his turn on the 1/6th gravity chair

On the Multi Axis Trainer

On the set of A Smile As Big As The Moon


Waiting for his turn in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer

In the Dr. Von Braun exhibit (if you love rockets you need to see this exhibit before May!)

With the bike that Dr. Von Braun's brother rode to find the Americans to surrender to.

With a picture of White Sands

With @ssquire and his Army office (all original except for the tv, and one small table.)

Jules Verne

On the Not So VIP Tour on Saturday

At Marshall Space Flight Center doing the classic jumping pictures

In the Davidson Center doing the jumping picture

On the EVA with the Endeavor mission specialists (Jeffery was supposed to be Capcom with me, but he hitch hiked on board the shuttle. Thanks @mattattackpro and @trentfaust

Walking on Mars with @libbydoodle

Checking out the clothing from the movie A Smile As Big As The Moon

How the jumping magic happened thanks @bjnemeth and @funky49

With @libbydoodle and @glorialloyd at the historic Red Stone Test site

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