Friday, February 17, 2012

An ISS story inspired by the @astro_ron @nasatweetup by K2

This is the fourth in the series of stories by my fourth grade students that I am going to share.

As I said Tuesday, after hearing about the #NASAtweetup with Ron Garan, asking questions through my fellow tweeps, and hearing some of the answers, my fourth grade homeroom students were inspired to turn their homework where they were to write stories using their spelling words, into stories about living on the International Space Station, or just in space.

They came up with the idea to do this, without any prompting from me. These are really their rough drafts, as since it was homework and their idea I did not ask them to edit their writing at all. The only changes I am making as I am typing is minor spelling corrections.

Over the next couple of days I am going to share what they wrote. I will only use their first initials for their protection.

Today's story is by K2. K2 is a fourth grade 9 year old girl.

If I lived in space by space ship would be gorgeous. I would look so hideous. They might call me Frankenstein. I might look like a rhinoceros. That would be very peculiar!

I imagine the ship to be sparkly and whatsoever will love it, I might look scary but am not a mamoth.

I am not enormous. and whyever should I be radiant.

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