Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who is read for Read Across America? We are!

I decided on my door/bulletin board theme for Read Across America week on my way home from the Space Camp Tweetup. I happened to stop at the grocery store to grab a few things and saw the Dr. Seuss books, and just stopped to look. The book "Oh The Thinks You Can Think" Jumped out at me. Last year I did "Oh, The Places You Will Go" and I wanted something in that same theme, challenging the students to go beyond themselves with what they think they can achieve and do. 

On my door I wrote out the quote from the book "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the THINKS you can think if only you try. 
I spiraled the phrase "Oh, the THINKS you can think if only you try", just like the book has it, and in the middle of the spiral is a picture of Dr. Seuss with some of his characters. The picture towards the top of the door is one of my class. 

The poster for my bulletin board says I've got to think up bigger things. I'll bet I can, you know. I'll speed my thinker-upper up as fast as it will go! 

I also drew out Sneeches, and on their body I wrote the writing prompt "Oh, The Thinks I Can Think..." My students were challenged to come up with their own inventions that they would invent, and tell us about it, as well as why they would invent it. 

Since the Sneeches are walking in a circle around my quote in the book, we used "Cat In The Hat" paper to have the Sneeches walk around our door and bulletin board. 

So now I am ready for one of my favorite week's of the school year! 

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