Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am so excited! #WHTweetup

I am so excited about my trip for the White House Tweetup next month!

March 14th, I will be at the White House on the South Lawn, can you imagine? 

Normally this is something that I would have waited to tell my students about until right before I left, or even when I got back. They get so hyped up and anticipate things like this that they can get more excited that I do (yes, as crazy as that sounds) but I couldn't wait to tell them today. 

We were writing President's Day letters to President Obama and when they asked if we were going to mail their letters, I said that I would be taking the letters to Washington DC. Oh boy oh boy they got excited! I have requests for pictures and presents! (Does the White House have and educator center like NASA does? hum the things to look into!) I am really proud of the thinking that they were doing as far as the things to ask the President and the things to include in their letters. I hope that their final drafts read as well as our brainstorming went today! 

Now everything is starting to fall in place as far as actually going. 

When I registered for for the chance to go to the tweetup I had the chance to put down if I was bringing a guest. I checked yes, not really knowing who I would bring, I just thought oh I will figure it out if I get selected I will figure it out. 

When I got the email that I was selected the first person that came to mind was my principal, so I called and asked her if she wanted to attend with me (literally 30 seconds after reading my email, I dialed her number!) Unfortunately she is unable to go. 

I have a tweep friend who also applied to go, and didn't get in so I thought I could take them, but they can't get off of work to go. 

I have a cousin who lives in the DC area, and I invited him to come with me, and he said yes! :0) I am so excited to get to spend time with Glen. (This makes it sound like he was my third choice, which he wasn't, really, I just knew how excited my principal would be to get the chance, and I knew that my friend was disappointed that they couldn't go, so I was trying to make everyone happy.) 

Now I just need to figure out my travel arrangements. I am thinking arrive on Monday so I can spend Tuesday doing all of the awesome "teachery" things that I want a chance to do (Smithsonian, NASA Headquarters, all of the Monuments etc) and fly out on Thursday, so I don't have to stress getting from the tweetup to the airport and through security on Wednesday.

It is a 12 hour or so drive, so I really do not want to drive it. I will if I need to, but I would prefer not to. Especially since in DC the public transportation is such that you do not need to have a car. 

I looked into Amtrak, but it is just as expensive as flying and takes more than an hour longer to get there than driving.

I can fly in and out of Baltimore for under $200, or in and out of Regan for just over $200, which is doable, and actually may end up being cheaper than driving, and it is definitely faster. I just need to figure out if with either long term parking at Atlanta or riding Grooms is it still less than driving.  

If anyone has an suggestions on travel I am up for any help I can get!

I am hoping to get sponsors for this trip, since it will directly benefit my students. I feel kind of funny asking for them, since people and businesses were so generous with my last trip. I know that we can swing this trip, or else I wouldn't have signed up to go. My only concern is what more can I add that I can bring home to share with my students if I have a little bit of help? If you are willing and able to help me out you can go to this link which is through Facebook, or send me an email at scienceesl @ yahoo . com (obviously all together) and I can give you my address or my paypal address (because it is a different one). 

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