Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day/Storm Recovery

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope all of the moms out there have had a wonderful day.

I woke up this morning at about 5:45 thanks to the thunderstorms. When I got up, I came in and got on the internet, and checked out the weather channel. Neither one said anything about a tornado.

Then I left to go to work, and the road from our house to the main road in town was green from leaves.

The next main road that I turn on, had limbs down, and you could see where the city had just cleared a big tree.

At Lowes we had one tree down in the parking lot, and the garden center had plants off a few tables.

About 20 minutes after I got there, news started trickling in that one of the stores in Macon had been hit, and hit hard, as well as the city of Macon.

They started asking for volunteers to go up and help with clean up, and running the store. K my department manager came out to the garden center to ask a couple of the guys if they would go, and I told her that if she could spare me off the register, I would go up as well.

We left our store shortly after 10, and got home about 5.

I spent the majority of the time using a shop vac, vacuuming up the 4 inches of water that was on the floor of the store. My wrist HURTS after that.

I rode in the car with K, and three of the guys from the store. The entire time K was driving, after we got to the I475-I75 interchange, we were pointing out the windows of the car, saying OMG did you see that tree? There are wooded areas that look like toothpicks. The signs along Eisenhower Parkway going towards the Macon Mall, are all bent in half, and in the roads. There is no power in that entire section of Macon (Lowes has backup generators).

I am thankful that our area didn't get hit like that!
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