Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My first injured student :(

I can hardly believe it.

I have taught for basically 12 years, and I have managed to go this long without having a student injured or hurt on my "time", and today I blew it.

We have been working on this poetry unit for the entire time that I have been in the class.

Today the kids were asking if they could cut out the poems that I had printed early on and tape them into their reading response journals.

I told them they could, because they were so excited to have them.

Sounds innocent enough right?


All of the scissors are kept on the teachers desk, so the kids were getting them and using them.

I remember one of the students saying that we were out, and grabing the "adult" scissors, but I told them not to move from my side if they were going to use them.

And I saw her put them back on the desk.

A bit later one of the girls came up to me and said that the one boy had accidently cut her with the scissors. She showed me her hand and it looked like a paper cut, until I went to wash it out.

It was a fairly deep cut. Its a good thing that the sight of blood doesn't make me sick.

I put gauze on it and we all went up to the office (it was lunch time any way.)

When her mom showed up was when I discovered that they were using the adult scissors, and one of them slipped (she was holding the tape that she cut too long to start with, for him to cut into smaller pieces.)

I feel horrible!

It probably required her to get stiches, which makes me feel even worse.

I know it was an accident, and I tried to explain that to her mom, by the time they left I think she understood. But still.

I am almost too scared to do the food pyramid activity that we have planned for tomorrow afternoon. I know one thing the adult scissors are locked up tight!
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