Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That are stressing me out

1. My computer. Tuesday night when I was teaching the battery gave out, and would not take a charge. We took the battery out and ran it just off the power cord. Then last night it just stopped working all together. Needless to say posts may start to be few and far between until we can get it fixed. Jerry is supposed to take it to the computer repair shop to see if they can fix it today, but who knows how long that will take.

2. The house in Florida. We are just loosing money hand over fist with it, and I am not sure what steps to take next. The mortgage company's only suggestion was to list it on the market, and take a loss, which we have done (FSBO), but we haven't even had any nibbles on it, let alone shown it.

3. The Prius, we turned it in to the financial people last night. We can't afford to make the payments until I have a full time job in the fall. I tried talking to them to make arrangements for the payments, refiancing it or something, and they wont work with us. Even though until January of this year we had made all of our payments on time, and above the minimum payment.

4. Only having one vehicle. Right now it will not be a big deal, since it is 3/4 a mile to the school I am subbing at, so I walk every day (well until now almost every day, from here on out every day). But next year, unless a miracle happens and I get a teaching job here in the county, I will be working 25 miles from the house, not something I can walk to. Plus I am not sure how we will work out this summer, its a little far to walk the 10 miles one way up there.

5. July and August. Our source of income is about to drop a bunch with the school year coming to a close. My last subbing paycheck will come on the last day of June, then we will have 2 months where I will not have any income from subbing at all. Not having that money in January and February is what got us in such bad shape finiacially, July and August might just put us over the edge.

6. Kelsey's grades. In the last month her grades have started to drop. I think it is due to her not having to have them up for Drama any longer. I can't seem to explain to her that she wont be allowed to participate in the fall if her end of the year grades are low.

7. Pre-K for DJ. He has been accepted into the program here at the neighborhood school, but if I am teaching 25 miles away, leaving the house at 630 and getting home at 430 we either have to put him in day care, or have him go to the school where I will be teaching.

8. The fact that there are 4 open positions here at the school I am subbing at, and some how all of the parent complaints about all of the changes in teachers in this classroom has become my fault, so I am not even in the consideration for the positions. This would be the perfect school for me to teach at, DJ is already in the pre-k here, I know the staff, and I know what will be expected out of me next year as far as lessons, and behavior management go. Plus I could walk to and from here every day, save the enviroment, save on expenses, and get in shape. But its not going to happen, so I know that I need to just let it go, but its hard and it hurts because I don't think that the principal has seen the good that I have been trying to do, or the good that the parents have said that I have done, she just sees and hears the bad or wrong.

9. Lowes. I am not eligible for a raise until September, and am barely making enough money there even if I do get 40 hours a week to pay for day care for DJ (even though I think that we are going to pay Kelsey to watch him). With only one car, I am not sure how I am going to get there and get home every day. Techinically I suppose Jerry could walk to work on base, but its a bit of drive for him even, plus not the safest route dealing with the traffic, nor his recent health issues.

10. Tutoring online. I love it, but last night for example I had 2 students who spoke no english, in the same session. Plus the computer problems. I am supposed to have my formal evaluation so that I can get my year raise (that was due last October) either this week or next, but with the computer problems who knows.

11. Jerry's health issues. They still do not have concrete answers for us, and he is still having issues with vomiting up blood.

12. My job for the fall. There are several workshops that are being offered for teachers at the air museum that I would love to attend, but I can not afford to pay for them out of pocket. Plus I am nervous and stressed about the drive every day, and how the kids are going to do with that kind of time away from home after two years of my being home or close to home again.

13. What is going to happen to my students over the summer. I know that the majority of them will be fine, but there are a couple that the future looks scary for. It worries me, even though I have only been with them for 4 weeks, they are MY students, and I worry about them.

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