Sunday, May 11, 2008


Can someone explain to me why my MIL felt the need to drive over here today?

A 6 hour drive

Without telling us ahead of time? Well I shouldn't say without any warning, she hinted at it yesterday to Jerry and he told her that it wasn't a good weekend, since I had to work, and they had plans today (shopping mostly, but were not at home).

Our phone has been out since the storms, and about an hour ago I noticed I had an email from my mom, titled Jerry's mom, in which my mom told me that Carolyn had been trying to get a hold of us and to call her cell phone because she was in Warner Robins.

Luckily for me she is staying up in town at a hotel.

So I don't have to rush around trying to clean DJ's room, or our room for her to sleep in.

But I don't know how she is going to entertain her self tomorrow. Kelsey has finals preps, and Natalie can't miss anymore school, Jerry and I both have work. I know, I know she is a grown woman, she will figure something out.

She is staying until at least tomorrow night so that she can take us out to dinner, which is nice. She said that she had planned on taking us out tonight, but couldn't get a hold of us. Um Jerry made steak, Salmon, and baked potatoes for dinner, which made my day, so I think we would have been disappointed in eating out tonight.

The funny part is, neither girl even asked if they could stay home with her tomorrow. Normally they would have been all over that.
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