Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Third Grade

1….Cursive Writing is HARD (direct quote!)

2....You are not born knowing how to multiply.

3... Children who's parents take the time to help them practice multiplication pick it up faster.

4... 8 year olds can be MEAN.

5. They are still young enough even at the end of the year to want hugs.

6. They still love to be read to.

7. Getting down on their level and doing work with them (on the floor) makes them feel loved.

8. Having three teachers in one year is not easy, on them or on the last teacher (me).

9. Poetry is everywhere you look.

10. Magic Tree House books can be too hard, depending on the student, some love it, some don't. But I still love the books, and still encourage them to read them!

11. The Trumpeter Swan is a big hit. They can't wait to hear what will happen next, and love prediciting!

12. 15 minutes is not a very long break (recess)


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