Friday, May 30, 2008

Whew, well thats over

It was a long day, with super excited children, both here at home and at school.

I had 4 moms come to help with the party today, all of which are the disgruntled moms. LOL

That being said however, they all made a point to tell me what a great job they thought I had done, and how much they and their children enjoyed having me.

I was asked by every one of them if I was going to be back teaching at the school next year. I put on a happy face and told them honestly no, and that I would be out in the toolies.

They were all insulted for me that I didn't get the position for the fall. They all said that I had earned the position, and that they thought that the prinicpal made a huge mistake by not hiring me.

Then in the next breath, they said, that I should be glad that I didn't get the position because they couldn't see how anyone would want to continue to teach at the school, with all of the BS that has happened. LOL

I know that the one family is moving with the Air Force over the summer.

2 families are considering home schooling for next year.

2 other families are considering the Catholic school here close by (and "not because they are Catholic")

And a further 3 parents have said that their leases are up over the summer, and they are considering or already are looking else where to live, because they do not want their children to continue at this school, because of all of the problems this year.

I was also told that each of them have neighbors and friends that have had issues with the principal and things that happened this school year that none of them are happy about.

"The principal caters to the Title 1 kids, like they are the only students in the school, and she lets them walk all over her. She needs to grow a back bone, and teach those kids that they have to be responsible for their own actions, not teach them that because they come from that neighborhood, or background that they can get away with what ever they want." Direct quote from a mom who is very active in the school, and happens to be an aunt to some of them that she was refering to.

I recieved a lot of hugs, and hand written notes from the kids.

I also recieved a gift card from one of my most challenging kids and his mom, thanking me for taking the time to care, when I walked in with 6 weeks left.

I also found out today from the other long term sub that the principal really did lie when she called me to come in and finish out the year. When she said that it was an audition, and to get me used to the school for the fall.

The other long term sub talked to the teacher coming in to the position last night after the faculty meeting. She asked her how long she had known that she had the job.

2 1/2 months!

Which is before I got the phone call to come in and finish out the year.

I was livid when I heard that, but not all together suprised.

What amazes me, is that the principal stood there this morning and smiled and said hello.

She also came in during the morning to point out all of the crap that the new teacher brought down with her from Atlanta and already deposited into the room, for the kids to try and get into, that I had to keep telling them to stay out of.

Then she came in during the party, and started having a wonderful conversation with a bunch of women that wanted nothing to do with her. You know she had to feel uncomfortable, because honestly all of the moms ignored her. She kept trying to have a conversation with them, and they would answer her question, and then turn back to whomever they were talking with previously.

I was asked by the one custodian if I would be there on Monday, and I laughed at her. I don't get paid for Monday, so heck no!

When I told the other third grade teacher good bye this afternoon, she mentioned something about Monday as well. I told her that I was not going to volunteer 8 hours of my life for nothing, not after everything that I had learned in the last 24 hours. She looked at me kind of strange, and then she figured it out.

I told Jerry that I had given a lot of hours that were unpaid to the school in the last 6 weeks, thinking that I had a chance at a position, only to find out that when I was called to come and finish out the year, the position had already been offered. If I would have been given the position, I would have gone in on both Monday and Tuesday, plus the grade level Title 1 day, and I would have done a lot.

But I am not going to go in Monday, voluntarily, after the way I was treated.

I did a lot this week to get the room ready for the new teacher. I cleaned out file cabinets, I organized the library (which was all over the floor yesterday when they brought her down to see her new room), I organized everything there was to be organized.

But I am the first to admit that I did not do everything to get everything that is supposed to be done for the summer done. They didn't ask me too, and I didn't volunteer to do more than what I had done. I am sure I will end up with a phone call some time in the next week or two looking for something, but a lot of the things on the end of the year check list I never had to begin with (grade book, lesson plan book (she already has copies of all of my lesson plans), text book inventory).

I have to say though that I was thanked more by faculty and staff members today for everything that I did, than I expected. They saw that I tried, they saw that I gave 110% and I was told over and over again today how much they appreciated it, and what a great turn around they had seen in the kids.

The only people that didn't see it, and didn't recognize it, were unfortunately the ones that mattered, they didn't even acknowledge everything that I did, or tried to do over the last 6 weeks.

And that hurts more than I can even put into words.
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