Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen~ Dream Summer Edition

Thirteen Things That would make this a dream summer!

Today in writing I challenged my students to write about their Dream Summer's. What would make this summer the perfect summer.

I did a word web with them to get them started off, and realized that as I did so it would make a pretty good Thursday 13.

1. Visiting Matt and Angela in California.
a. Angela's baby shower
b. Meeting the new baby
c. Disneyland with the kids again
d. Taking the kids to watch Matt and Greg Surf, and perhaps even letting them try (DJ wants to go, and he is only 3! But he saw a TV show the other week with Surfing on it, and when we said Matt does that, he started saying he wants to surf like Uncle Matt.)
e. Seeing an old friend that I have not seen since high school who lives there.

2. Visiting Arizona with the kids
a. Visiting my parents
b. Visiting old friends
c. Take the kids to the Grand Canyon, Prescott, Flagstaff, Slide Rock

3. Visiting Iowa
a. Visiting my grandparents
b. Visiting relatives
c. Taking the kids fishing
d. Visiting the Field of Dreams
4. Visiting Friends, we have friends all over the world and it would be great to go and visit any of them.

5. Baseball games (I am hoping to get to take the kids to see the Braves, but with money being so tight, I don't see that happening)

6. Go to the beach

7. Visit Atlanta (see baseball games)

8. Sleeping, probably wont happen as much as I want it to!

9. Swimming, with my three fishes I see this one happening a lot!

10. Walking the dogs, its how I plan on keeping up with my walking!

11. Visiting Museums, there are several in Macon that I would like to go to, plus more in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, and Columbus.

12. Hiking, I want to try and take the kids to Stone Mountain and other places to hike.

13. Reading Fearless Fourteen comes out in 18 days!!

Come Back next week and check out my 13 + more books that I would love to have for my classroom library!

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