Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday blues...

Happy Monday!

It has been a long day.

I am tired and kinda grumpy.

Last week I volunteered to give the county reading assessment, because it needs to be done by this week. All I need is someone to show me the "proper" way to give it. Meaning the way that they want it done here in the county. The assessment is similar to the other reading assessments that I have given, but every place wants their own "stamp" of approval to it.

The principal decided that the literacy coach should give it. OK thats fine, less stress for me.

Today I saw the literacy coach who asked me how things were going (she came in and did the first two days of writing for me), and I asked her if they had talked to her about doing the assessment. Which of course no one had, and the assessments are due to the county on Thursday. So she went and checked with the API about it, then asked me if I had a time that was better for her to pull the kids out. Since we only have 3 days, I told her to get them whenever was good for her.

Then this afternoon when we went to the computer lab (which is where the literacy coach's office is), she told me that the principal wants her to run my writing workshops this week.

Which confuses me.

I know that the only lesson the principal has watched has been a writing lesson, and that I didn't go by the script, but one would have thought that she would have given me feed back, if she didn't approve of the way I did the lesson. But she has never said 3 words about it.

I don't know if I should be insulted or not, but I am thinking yes.

I am trying to be a duck, and let it all roll off my back, but its hard.

Jerry's mom was still in town today. She took us out to dinner at Logan's, which we had heard good things about. Except we had the waitress that can not multi-task (we had to ask for peanuts, bread, refills on tea, and it took her 15 minutes to bring us a to go box and to collect the credit card that C wanted to use to pay), and they were out of a lot of the menu items (baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, to name a few).

After dinner we said our goodbyes, as she has to get back to Mississippi tomorrow so she can go to work on Wednesday, she will leave here first thing in the morning. She retires from La-z-boy at the end of the month.

A couple of pictures from tonight:


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