Monday, May 11, 2009

Jerry goes to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville tomorrow

I just talked to Jerry. He is leaving tomorrow to go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.
His appointment is Wednesday morning.
The doctor that he is going to see is supposedly one of the top doctors in the country for hietial hernia surgeries. 
I am hoping that since he is going to the Mayo Clinic that the doctor since he is the "top" will look at all of his records and look into the other problems (potassium levels).
Jerry's mom is going to drive over tomorrow so that she can go down with him. Carolyn plans on asking lots of questions and pushing for them to run their own tests for the potassium levels. Especially since on Friday Jerry had a new doctor at the local hospital looked at Jerry's levels and asked what they were doing for Jerry's magnesium levels. Jerry said he looked at him and said nothing, thats the first I have heard anything about my magnesium levels. Dr. H said that if his magnesium levels are low they can pump him full of potassium all they want, the potassium will not come up.
Really sad when you stop to think about this being the 4th trip to the hospital for Jerry for low potassium, and one of those trips was critical, and this is the first time we have heard such a thing.
Patty Cleveland
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