Friday, May 08, 2009

Quick Prom Pictures

Just a few quick pictures from tonight. I have over 300 to go through and pick and choose, plus edit any that I think need to be.

With Daddy in the hospital still the little kids got to go do pictures too. DJ was mad when we had to leave the actual dance, he wanted to stay and dance the night away. We told him since he wouldn't dance with Tiffany he couldnt stay. ;)

John, Natalie, Kelsey and DJ at the River in Macon:

John, Kelsey and DJ
Kelsey and John

Showing off her flip flops.

And again showing off the flops

At the River in Macon...

In front of the fountain in Macon with Natalie, the water was cold and splashing on Kelsey. ;)

Had to stop by and see Daddy at the hospital so he could approve. ;)
Kelsey and her buddy Cassidy after Cassidy helped her get ready.

Getting ready with Cassidy's help. I did the upside down french braid, and Casidy did the curls and makeup. :)

I will post more as the week goes on and I have time to edit them. ;)

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